Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Teaching fail

Again, another sleepless night. As a result, I half-prepared my lessons, half-showered, and proceeded to have a full terrible day at school. I am aware that English might not be the most important subject at the school but at times, I feel a mild yet hurtful amount of disrespect towards my class time and the amount of work I put into it (except this week cuz' insomnia #yaaawn). The teachers act as though English is a joke class and if that's how language learning is viewed throughout France's primary and secondary schools, it is no wonder why French people suck at them. Hello people, this is not the 19th century... French might be a beautiful language but let's be honest, English is now the universal language for most sectors and industries. Oh yeah, speak you never, Esperanto #Sorry.

My day started off by the CE2 (3rd grade) teacher telling me that he wouldn't be needing me in his class because, allegedly, he needed to finish a lesson. I mean, it was actually great because all I am allowed to do in his class is to teach the kids some vocab... #boring and I really needed a rest. However, it remains a quite unfair decision for the kids since they only have the pleasure of seeing me once a week but also for me because it really fucks up with the schedule of the lessons. Apparently the real reason was that he was angry because two parents told him he was scaring the children and made their kids not want to come to school. For the record, the man is creepy and the kids in his class are indeed terrified of him.

If that wasn't enough, I fucking cried in the staff room today. Mostly because I was very sleep-deprived and weird but mostly because one of the teachers was telling me a bunch of nonsense about how chocolate was good for my vagina. He also told me how I had a big head, which he then changed to "you have a dick head". I mean I barely know this dude and he's already talking about dicks and vaginas? What is this... the third grade? Super inappropriate but everyone was laughing so of course, I cried. He felt bad, you could see it in his face. He tried to explain to me that this was french humour and told me to lighten up. He should light himself on fire, maybe.

That was my day and I wore:

- A Quechua fleece sweater from Decathlon (basically the best store ever)
- The same shirt I wore yesterday but you can't see that
- A pashmina someone left in my house once
- My omnipresent DKNY jeans
- A generic copper bracelet I got in a flea market in Buenos Aires

Yes, I basically wear the same thing everyday.




  1. Sorry you had a sucky day lady! xx

  2. The teacher really said that to you in the staff room? What a knob face! At least you looked pretty :) xoxoxo


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