Monday, 26 November 2012

Lazy Sunday + Outfit Review

Today I had a reeeaaaally unproductive day. Typical Sunday. I woke up around 1pm, watched two movies and a bunch of old Law & Order SVU episodes. I think I ate a sandwich too. Classic Rebeca. In an effort to withdraw myself from the staleness of my room, I promised my friend Gemma (also known as G-Pearl) that I'd meet her at the train station. She was away in Nantes for the weekend. 
I wore: 
A Sheep-skin jacket I bought in Buenos Aires, Argentina
A pair of coral DKNY jeans
A black generic tank top
A sheer black button-up shirt I bought at a charity shop in Perigueux
A dark red sweater too old to remember where I got it. Oh, actually I am 99% sure it's from Liz Clairborne
My smelly Bass boat shoes


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