Friday, 12 April 2013

Warsaw and the Big Brown Bear


By the time we got to Warsaw, Joshua had left us for greener and warmer pastures. So had our energy and vitality. Thankfully, Gemma and I had booked a semi-private room which gave us the rest we needed. Most of our daytime schedule consisted on cuddling with a giant stuffed bear (which we later found out got peed on and thrown our #SadTimes #RIP) or idling in the common room. We did do cool stuff though, despite the awful weather. We went out to a jazz bar, a free walking tour, and we ate out loads. Maybe it was the weather but Warsaw did not seem as pretty and nice as Krakow, so if you need to make a choice I would pick the latter. That being said, I really really liked Warsaw and want to go there again in the summertime. The city was almost completely destroyed after WWII so it was interesting to see how it managed to rebuild itself, including monuments and landmarks from pre-war times.

I recommend you...

  • Eat some incredibly cheap and delicious food at "Bar Mleczny Familijny", a polish milk bar. The staff does not speak english but they keep an english menu near the cash register. All you need to do is write down what you want and hand it over. Don't be discouraged by this, it's definitely worth a try! More about this place here.
  • Have a drink at Barometr klub & drink bar, click here for their website. 




Old town

Old town, most of which has been rebuilt. Photo credit: GPD

Warsaw Uprising Monument


Our friend the big brown bear

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