Monday, 4 March 2013

Packing for March Adventures

If I had to choose one thing right now I love about my job, it would be the holidays. I'm serious, we get so many! I doubt I will ever have as much free time as I do now. Please note I wrote one thing right now and not the one thing. I enjoy teaching but my french kids have been particularly difficult this week... Yo, I would be too if I was 10 years old and had a 9-5 school schedule.

French educators take their holidays very seriously. A few weeks ago, it was proposed to cut down summer holidays. Most teachers at the schools I work at were opposed to these cuts and went on strike  (as did many teachers throughout France). I don't think it's such a bad idea to make the school year longer as long as that means shortening their ridiculously long schooldays, but that's just me.

I have time off until March 18th and I am embarking on my second mini-european tour. This time, I will be exploring Brussels, Krakow, Warsaw and Budapest. I am most excited about Belgian beer, Polish vodka, tram parties in Krakow, and Turkish baths in Budapest. I will definitely update via instagram @rearaniva and twitter @rearaniva as much as I can.

At a few hours away from my departure, I am trying to cram my suitcase with both warm and cool outfits. I've chosen a black, white and gold palette so that hopefully I will look at least half-decent throughout the trip. Since I am in a permanent state of semi-brokenness, the only choice was to fly Ryanair. The plus side? 8 euro flights to Budapest from Krakow. The downside? strict hand luggage regulations i.e. a microscopic suitcase where I might be able to fit a couple of t-shirts.

This is what I'm hoping will fit in my suitcase:

I also got a lot of tiny toiletries; for once in my life I'm going to embrace cleanliness while travelling #Newlife.

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