Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Outfit Reviews for December - February

I'm sorry I've neglected this blog so much. I've been very lazy and so busy hoping from one place to another #SoHumble. Ok, the main reason I've stopped dropping posts is because my internet sucked until 2 days ago. It has taken about 4 months to get a technician from France Telecom to come fix whatever was wrong with my wifi signal. Classic France. I have also been really busy with my job, I'm telling you those kids are going to learn english whether they want it or not.

I'd like to believe my dozens of followers have been dying to know what I've been up to AND what I've been wearing so I'm just going to do a recap of my most memorable outfits in the past couple of months. Although, more than an exercise in sartorial introspection, this an opportunity to brag (and humblebrag) about the trips I've been on since October, which by the way have driven me to both extreme broke-ness and extreme happiness.

#1 "Pixie-Fairy-Psychedelic-Post-Grunge"(San Juan de Luz, Basque country)
>> Read about my trips to the Basque country here

Black wool jumper
Opaque Floral dress
Maroon boots

#2 "Circus-Vaudeville Elderly-Chick" (Lyon, France)
>> Read about my trip to Lyon here

Velvet jacket
Floral dress

#3a "Steam-Punk Aviator Post-Grunge Casual"  (Geneva, Switzerland)
>> Read about my trip to Geneva here

Leather Jacket
Black leggins
Maroon leather boots
Maroon scarf

#3b "Post-Grunge Casual" (Geneva, Switzerland)

Jean shirt
White t-shirt

#4 "Elderly-Grunge Utilitarian Travel-Chic & Glamour Face Bonus (Barcelona, Spain)
>> Read about 
Maroon Sweater
Black jeans
Black boots
Utility/construction socks
#5a "Steam-punk Andes-grunge Aviator Post-Hipster Travel-chic" (Berlin, Germany)

Leather jacket
Black leggings
Blue wool scarf
Converse shoes 

#5b "Post-Nerd Travel-Chic Andes Casual" (Berlin, Germany)

Leather jacket
Red wool hat
Jeans and jean-patterned gloves

#6 "Elderly-chic" (Paris, France)

Denim purse
Maroon scarf
Black leggings

#7 "Elderly-Chic" (Milan, Italy)

Beige coat
Neon orange scarf
Red pants
Maroon leather boots

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