Monday, 3 December 2012

Outfit Review Parody

This weekend I went through a fair share of fabulous outfits. I think it's only fair that I include all my style inspirations... Get excited.

Outfit#1: I was really interested in exploring the contrast between a square, masculine, comfortable  shape and the use of feminine tones such as fuscia and pink. The burgundy also added an unexpectedly rich layer and depth to the outfit.

I wore:
- Snuggie (Gemma's)
- Scarf (I'm pretty sure I found it somewhere at Uni)


Chanel Fall 2012
Chanel fall 2012
Givenchy Spring 2013
Boney Tyler's total eclipse of the heart circa 80s
It's also really practical if one wants to take a nap but wishes to remain stylish. 

Daphne Guiness

 Outfit #2: I am all about contrast! The constricted nature of the pants paired with the airiness of the shirt gives the outfit a complicated, meaningful edge. I wore:

- Shirt from Perigueux only charity shop
- DKNY pants
- Aldo boots
- Friendship bracelet I gave to myself #treatyoself2010

Inspiration: Frida Kahlo, Stevie Nicks, and Jerry Seinfeld. 

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