Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hello internet!

Hello internet residents!

This is my third attempt to creating and maintaining a blog. Like they say, "la tercera es la vencida", am i right? The first one was all over the place, discussing anything from climate change to craigslist while the second one was a bit too narrow, only focusing on my brief stint in New York City this summer. I don't know why the first one didn't work, it didn't keep me very interested and it certainly didn't keep other people interested. I think it was too impersonal and I was pretty much re-creating the content already available in more popular blogs. While working on the second blog (torontonewyorkcity) , I learned to open up and write about myself. Well, not exclusively about myself, I explored more popular topics but I always inserted my emotions, my experiences, and my opinions. This sincerity in my writing really paid off in the sense that it heavily engaged ME, and as a bonus engaged a few other readers who are NOT my parents. Nevertheless, I was only in New York City for the summer so I can't really use that blog anymore. But I still have so MUCH more to talk about, man. So why not continue this blog writing experiment?

Also, I can use GIFS with blogger, how fucking awesome is that!?????

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